“I appreciate that this material teaches self care and self-responsibility and is so “down to earth”. It gives people some options besides reaching for a pill.

A. Davis, Spirit Lake, Iowa

Your presentation and materials are first-rate. They are clean, informative, interest catching and professionally attractive.
V. Walker, West Covina, CaliforniaMrs. Promislow’s
thoughtful and well presented program, based in sound pedaegogy and  supported by scientific data, enhanced our students ability to more nearly
approach their potential.
John C. Sarsfield, Shawnigan Lake
School, B.C.
Most workshops I’ve attended never leave
me feeling this good after learning this
much.S. Pohl, Tomslake,
B.C. Our secondary Special
Education Assistants have been
reassured…that the well-being of
students, assistants and teachers
alike can be enhanced through a simple, elegant awareness of the energy paths of the human body.
Larry Johnson, North Vancouver
School District, B.C.
The material is easy to master, fun to use, and I noticed an immediate positive effect.
William F. Cook, Miami, Florida
Your session was very well attended – in fact, I believe it was the largest crowd we’ve ever had… come back, and do a longer session.MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., Vancouver,B.C.Improving how you feel and function has never been easier! Making the Brain/Body Connection is a fun and pragmatic primer to the fascinating new fields of brain/body research and
human kinetics.Yvette Eastman, Author and Teacher

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