Put out the Fire of Fear

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What will this online course do for you?

When we are placed in a high-stress environment, our bodies go on high alert. If that high alert response is ongoing, it causes symptoms that interfere with us doing our work. This online course was developed for two reasons. One – to provide the privacy you want and need to safely explore what kind of stress reactions are showing up in your mind, body and emotions, without anyone knowing what you have experienced. No one but you has access to your information. Each person’s login is private and secure. This allows you the freedom to answer your questions honestly, without fear of the consequences you might face if you were speaking with a therapist. Two – to offer new tools that help balance the brain and body so that you can function better under stress.

Your job may always be stressful, but if we can raise your resilience to stress then you will function at a much higher level at your job and in your life, by the end of this course. All we ask is that you do the activities as suggested, even if you think they are silly or won’t help. If you do them, you will reap the benefits and gain a greater awareness of when your body is starting to react to stress. If you nip it in the bud, you will be stronger and more resilient.

You will discover:

• How fear and intense emotion lock into your physical body (and how to unlock it)

• If you are harboring any symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Injury

• How your body reacts to stress and how to consciously identify where it lives in your body and your life

• A simple 3 step approach to rewire stress when it hits

• Why these activities work, and variations to use it unobtrusively in everyday life

• How to quickly identify and apply these principles to other stressful issues in your life

The course has been laid out specifically as a workshop to help blend into your life more effectively. The reset activities are meant to be experienced as you go along. Because we are all unique individuals, what works for one person may not work for another. You will find the best results if you do all of the reset activities so that you can determine which ones work best for you. Making note of the ones that seem to work the best and you will get stronger, much faster.

Note on privacy: Your privacy is protected. No one but you has access to your account and you do not have to share your results with anyone.

Take it easy and be self-responsible

You will be introduced to some gentle body movements designed to develop neural connections to energize and improve the communication between your brain and body. Just remember: The only expert on you is you, and there should never be any discomfort as you do these activities. Do them only to the extent they are comfortable, and be congruent with the advice of your licensed medical practitioner. Small movements can activate the circuits as effectively as big ones.

The activities will help you to disengage yourself from your old established survival patterns (triggered by past experiences), and to establish new neural pathways to more productive behaviors and feelings that will work for you.

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