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Brain Gym® (Educational Kinesiology)

3-in-1 Concepts (One Brain)

More psychological in its approach, the Three-in-One Concepts model identifies on a conscious, subconscious and body level, the beliefs that have fused into old self-defeating patterns. By consciously identifying and defusing these blocks, “One Brain” facilitates a shift in perception of our relationship with ourselves and the outer world. It allows us to respond to life with clear, creative choice.
Three-in-One Concepts (International referrals)
2001 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA, USA 91506-1704
phone (818) 841-4786 fax (818) 841-0007

Brain Gym was chosen as one of 12 exemplary programs “that model excellence in the classroom and have demonstrated effective results” by a White House Task Force on Innovative Learning, Washington D.C. Originally developed to ameliorate learning challenges, Edu-K is now used internationally by educators, students, performing artists, athletes and the general public to create positive change and free movement in their lives.
Educational Kinesiology Foundation (International referrals)
Box 3396 Ventura, CA, USA 93006-3396
(800) 356-2109 (805)658-7942
fax: (805) 650-0524 Email:

Touch for Health

Touch for Health is a powerful natural healing method that is the foundation upon which the Specialized Kinesiologies in this book are built. Touch for Health has proven itself very effective during the 25 years it has been in use around the world. Using simple muscle testing, TFH shows where stress is locked into the circuits of the body. It identifies and balances these areas using techniques from acupressure, Chinese energy theory and Neurolymphatic massage.
Touch For Health Kinesiology Association of America
11262 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230, USA
1(800) 466-8342 or (310) 313-5580
fax (310) 313-9319 web:
Canadian Touch for Health Association: See Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology

Wellness Kinesiology

Wellness Kinesiology is geared to helping you achieve success and focuses on issues such as weight reduction, self-esteem and habit change. Synthesizing techniques from Touch For Health, other kinesiologies and stress management modalities, it re-educates the body’s response to all aspects of stress.
Topping International Institute (International referrals)
2622 Birchwood Avenue #7
Bellingham, WA, U.S.A. 93006-3396
phone & fax (360) 647 2703
General Membership Associations

Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology

Box 74508 Kitsilano Postal Unit
Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6K 4P4
(604) 669-8481

International Kinesiology College

Konradstrasse 32
41-1-440-42-68 fax 41-1-440-42-69
ASK-US Association of Specialized Kinesiologist–US
4201 Wilson Blvd #110-395
Arlington, Virginia, USA 22203-1859
(888) 749-6464
Other Good Resources
Brain Based Learning

Exciting, practical applications of the latest brain and educational research for accelerated learning. Vital for teachers, trainers and all who want to learn faster and remember longer.

International Alliance for Learning

1040 South Coast Highway
Encinitas, CA, USA 92024
(800) 426-2989 (760) 634-5146
fax (760) 632-1305