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A playful guide to releasing mental,physical and emotional triggers.

Did you know that your emotions and beliefs lock in stress creating “Stress Circuits” that block learning and impact memory? These circuits limit our ability to express ourselves, and experience life to the fullest. “Making the Brain/Body Connection” will show you powerful techniques to stop stress from creating blocks to your ability to learn and perform your absolute best.

In her lively and entertaining book, Sharon blends cutting edge stress and brain research with practical exercises and techniques that have you moving beyond your current limitations and into a life you only imagined you could have.

Follow along with this step-by-step guide as she leads you through a model for change that unlocks these “stress circuits.” Explore and experience how your brain, body and senses interrelate. Clear away mental, emotional and physical blocks to success with simple movements that make change fun. Illustrated with humorous cartoon characters that help you focus on the important points.

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You can:
Remove “stress circuit “ blocks from every situation
Change self-sabotaging behaviors
Improve memory and concentration
Experience better reading, writing, vision & hearing
Feel more alive

Enjoy positive, measurable results now! (176 pages)
ISBN # 0-9681066-3-3
Trade Paperback

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